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The Product – PlayKnow


Individual Building blocks of Playknow

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Playknow is a comprehensive platform that has been built from the basic building blocks of various assessment tools. Each assessment method like Fill the blanks, Match the following, Multiple Choice Questions etc have been created independently and then integrated.

These building blocks are available in independent formats on the playstore. Any teacher wanting to use a single format of assessment can do so, by downloading that particular app from the playstore. He/She can create her own set of content and assess the students.

And the best part is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Integrated platform for personalised learning

In a real-life teaching scenario, the teacher might not just need a single form of assessment. He/She might need to use different methods of assessment for the same lesson.

Hence, the individual building blocks were integrated to create a comprehensive platform. The teacher can create their own content and choose a multiple methods of assessment and administer it as a single test.

The format to create and upload content and view reports had been designed to be user-friendly, considering the tech-savviness levels of teachers in a rural education set-up.