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Case Studies

Learn how a few of our customers had utilised Playknow to optimize their learning and assessment efforts…


One billion literates foundation is an NGO based out of Bangalore working in the Education space, with the goal of enabling underprivileged children to gain meaningful employment on reaching adulthood.They are using a few modules of Playknow.The teachers are given tabs which they carry to the schools.The learning and assessment happens through some modules like MixUp and Match it.

Tribal School in Karumandurai, TN

A school for tribal in a village called Karumandurai had adopted our platform to teach and assess their students. The tabs are loaded with our content and to make in line with the curriculam we have even customised with TN Governement Videos. The students learn from the content provided in various formats like alphabets, words, sentences, pictures, audio files, Videos etc.

Chipper Sage

A social enterprise based in Bangalore which closely works with Government in rural education is using our platform extensively.

Tabs with Customised Playknow Assessent is used to assess students to measure learning outcomes and impact.

Around 2000 Students are assessed using this platform.

Building blocks Bluebells

17  children from k5 class in Blue bells are using Tabs installed with Playknow app .

Each child has one tab to use for 30 min ,thrice a week. The tabs are numbered  for convenience.

Children are excited to play educational games.  They know to exit from the game and to go for a new game by themselves. They need very less assistance to operate it.

Children can identify the names and the pictures and do matching game also.

It is good to see that teacher can check the performance and if the child has left out any game in the  tab ,it can be done later. Children are developing an aptitude for technology, which is an important skill now and more so in the future. Technology will be a part of his school learning. It is reasonable for your kid to explore this world at an early age. This offers an opportunity for your child to learn and stimulate his mind in a fun way. ’Games are helping in cognitive and social development.

Over all children are enjoying the session and they are non stop while playing.

Client Speak

The use of Apps and tablets has brought interest in learning and smiles on the faces of less privileged rural government school children. It has set right the urban and rural technological imbalance.

-M.K. Mahesh,Program Manager,OBLF

Your contribution to this project  is of immense value to the kids in Building blocks Bluebells”

-Meherunnisa ,Curriculum coordinator